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The history of Port Richmond starts here

Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
on Staten Island

54 Port Richmond Avenue   Staten Island, New York 10302

Oldest corporation on Staten Island

Congregation continuous since 1656

They have been on the same spot in Port Richmond since 1680.

The town grew up around the Church, not the other way around.

Their Archives date to 1688. 

Their Burial Place and Baptismal Records date to 1696.

Their Congregants paid pivotal roles in American history.

Their Burial Place has 45 heroes of the wars that created America:

The American Revolution, The War of 1812, and The Civil War.

One of them created our modern business world.

The Church and Burial Place are New York City Landmarks.

They are a National Historic Site nominee.

The  Author's family has been with the Dutch Reformed Church since 1568.

This site is part of the Port Richmond North Shore Alliance initiative
Historic Port Richmond 
honoring our unique and fascinating history
while fashioning a future where all can prosper.

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