Port Richmond Honors Our Veterans with first ever Banners All Dates Are Tentative

From Memorial Day to Veterans Day 2021,

banners honoring 16 individual veterans

will hang on lamp posts along Port Richmond Avenue

from Albion Place to Church Street.


Port Richmond Honors Our Veterans

is presented by the 

Historic Port Richmond Preservation Association (HPRPA)

the community partner of the

Reformed Church on Staten Island.


“I saw this done in upstate New York and thought this was something special that we could be doing in Port Richmond, which is the home of Veteran’s Park and a community that has a deep connection to many veterans,”  explained Mario Buonviaggo of the Port Richmond Strong Civic Association, an affiliate of HPRPA.

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Family, friends and organizations can proudly sponsor a banner featuring a photo of a military veteran they choose to honor.


The cost for each individual banner is $250. 

Port Richmond Honors Our Veterans was made possible by a donation of $2500 from the Reformed Church on Staten Island. 


This is not a fundraiser, the individual banner fee is to cover remaining costs. Due to limited space, priority will be given to Veterans with

a Port Richmond connection.

Completed submissions are due by March 27, 2021. 

After November, the banners will be retired.


“We are looking to honor Veterans from all five branches of the service — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.  They are all heroes. They have served to keep us safe and free; whether they served in a war zone, here in the states, or anywhere.“

Mary Bullock, project coordinator.


Sample Banner


Sample Bio:

Jack Trapp served with the US Army during World War II and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. 


He was drafted in 1943 at the age of 18.  He spent 10 months overseas and earned four Battle Stars. 


He returned home in 1945, married his high school sweetheart, and raised four children.


He died Dec 2006.

"Behind the Banners," the free project brochure, will tell the stories of the 16 veterans.

It will be available online going forward and along the Avenue in printed version.

Click here to view and download the Application. 

For information/questions:  info@olddutchchurchnyc.org    1-718-442-7393.

The launch event, free and open to all,

will be at the Reformed Church, 54 Port Richmond Avenue,

Exact date, near Memorial Day, to be determined by project progress. 


Port Richmond Avenue can call its Reformed Church

"The Church that made America" because

our Congregant veterans paid pivotal roles in American history.

45 Heroes in our Burial Place on Port Richmond Avenue

took part in the three wars that forged this nation:

the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

Port Richmond Avenue is a perfect place

to honor our Veterans of the modern era.


RCSI cemetery 1 sml.jpg
Am Rev + Privateers North Cemetery copy.
Cozine 1812 Govt  stone South Cem. copy.

The graves of the Reformed Church Congregant Veterans will be marked. 

A free brochure will tell their stories in a self-guided tour.  We will also honor Merchant Seamen and Privateers. 

Their family names are all Staten Island street names.  Their sacrifice fashioned the nation we live in.

Donate to Save our Shared History