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We’re All In on NYC’s comeback.

Reformed Protestant Dutch Church

in Port Richmond.  

Experience 350 years of History in 1.3 acres.



Our Congregation, continuous since 1656, played a pivotal role in the American Revolution,

especially Joshua Mersereau, cited by the CIA as a founder of American Intelligence. 

Our member, Cornelius Vanderbilt, created an unsurpassed fortune while shaping our modern world.


Explore our 1696 Burial Place, 1844 Greek Revival style Church and 1898 Victorian style Annex

(designed by a close associate of Harry Houdini).  

Linger to browse through our 1696 Baptismal Book (you'll recognize 120+ Staten Island street names).

The 1923 inventory of 704 Gravestone Inscriptions from our Burial Place

reveals that our ancestors faced huge challenges in their lives -- like we are now.


Among our stories:  Creating this nation with George Washington, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton and Lafayette.

       Making movies with Wu Tang Clan and Golden Globe winner, Ramy Youssef.

Call 1-718-442-7393 to arrange a day and time, with social distancing and safety protocols.