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"Comicon for History Buffs"




Through December 31, 2021

Socially Distant TOURS
By Appointment  Call 1-718-442-7393
 1656-2021    365 Years of Folklore    
Take a leisurely guided tour of our 1696 Burial Place, 1844 Greek Revival Church and 1898 Victorian Annex (designed by a close associate of Harry Houdini).  

Linger to browse through our 1696 Baptismal Book
and the 1923 Burial Place Inventory. 
Read between the lines on the grave stones to learn how our ancestors faced the challenges in their lives.  See movies being made.   

1696 Burial Ground                     1844 Sanctuary                             1898 Annex

 Wander 1.3 Acres                        Greek Revival.       Victorian Style Sunday School


We hope to return

to an immersive experience in 2022.

Re-enactors copy.jpg

Historic Reenactors:  gossip with the ancestors who fashioned our world.

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Lecture copy.jpg

One of NYC's oldest cemeteries    Interactive Exhibits * Genealogy Desk 

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Rose & Crown Tavern

food * beverages * libations


featuring colonial beers

Kick back in our version of a Colonial Tavern

Where the American Revolution was fomented

Where the British first read the Declaration of Independence

Where American Revolution Vets traded war stories

How "Crazy History" got its name

In 2018 Daniel J. Watts, 

original "Hamilton" cast member,

seven-time Broadway performer,

currently starring

as Ike Turner in TINA, the Musical,

treated us to three original raps. 


It was his first trip to Staten Island.


When Watts found out that Aaron Burr

died across the street he was amazed,




Yes Daniel, it's crazy

 -- that so much of Dutch

Staten Island history, is untold!!!

Image from August 9, 2018  Projectivity Gala.

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