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Love God. 

Love your Neighbor.

It's that simple.

If you are looking for a calm center in your life,

to step out of the chaos of the 21st century,

into a place where reading and contemplation of the bible

provide a respite for your mind

and a way forward for your spirit.

Visit on a

Sunday at 11 am.

They would love

to welcome you.



They have been doing this since 1656.

The liturgy in use today is substantially

as when first adopted in 1558

and precisely what it was in 1619

when it was translated into English.

Worship Service Sundays  11 am

They came to the Dutch Church not because of their heritage, many who came were not Dutch and still aren't. They came because of who the Dutch Church was and what she stood for.  Not long after their arrival they set this sacred space apart, which we still occupy today and for the next three and one half centuries have gathered here.

"In seasons of plenty and in want, in seasons of distress and grief,

in times of peace and prosperity, they came -- and 350 years later they still come."    

       Elder Dr. Warren A. Mac Kenzie

on 350th Anniversary 1665-2015       

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